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[WHITE PAPER] Tackling Surgery's Hidden Problem: Adverse Events Reporting

28 Feb 2019

Over 313 million surgeries take place each year around the world. 4.2 million people (7.7% of all deaths worldwide) die as a result of post-operative complications. Finding the root cause of these complications (and ultimately designing solutions) requires analysis of what exactly went on in the surgery. Often times, however, there is a crucial piece of information missing from the picture:

Adverse Events Reporting

With just 5% of all-cause harm events in surgery reported, there is a serious information gap that could save a patient’s life. Under-reporting of adverse events in hospitals risks patient safety and complications cost hospitals and health systems enormous amounts of money at a time when hospitals are already under pressure to decrease costs.

This white paper seeks to address the issue by showing:

  • The perceptions (and pitfalls) of adverse events reporting
  • Cultural, systematic, and technological barriers
  • The real financial impact on healthcare providers
  • Potential solutions to foster a better reporting culture

Sean Witry

Written by Sean Witry

Sean Witry works as Community Manager and Content Marketer at caresyntax. With a background in international affairs and a focus in public health, he's passionate about exploring technology's role in increasing access to quality care and improving patient outcomes. You can reach him on LinkedIn or via email at

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