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[WHITE PAPER] Standardizing Surgical Excellence in the VA with Data-Enabled Solutions

29 Nov 2019

With data-enabled technologies to document and analyze performance and safety in the OR, hospitals can leverage their own surgical data resources to effectively reduce the occurrence of surgical error and improve perioperative safety. The use of integrated surgical content management software (SCMS) in the operating room has also demonstrated significant potential in supporting surgical quality improvement initiatives and increasing the likelihood of safe outcomes for patients.

This white paper explores the functional applications of SCMS technologies to augment quality and safety improvement initiatives in VA Medical Centers. In addition to the functional benefits, the use of a SCMS can also positively impact workflow balance and job satisfaction of frontline caregivers, quality managers, and designated education officers (DEOs). Besides promoting retention rate with VA clinicians, simplifying processes across the surgical care continuum using SCMS technologies is also correlated with improved clinical and operational outcomes.


Written by Caresyntax

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