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[WHITE PAPER] Supporting Surgical Training Virtually: Rethinking the Model

11 May 2020

Given the ever-changing landscape and increasing importance of virtual learning alternatives, how do we best adapt surgical training programs to embrace the needs and nuances of today’s surgeons? As technology advances and generational norms evolve, the need for an innovate paradigm shift in surgical training becomes more apparent. 

This paper discusses the need for procedural specialties training programs for surgical residents to adapt to the realities of:

  • trainee demographics and cultural characteristics
  • dramatically shifting economics
  • technological advances

Specifically, recommending that training programs fully adopt the use of virtual training tools to meet trainees’ and healthcare systems’ needs.

Michael Woods, MD, MMM

Written by Michael Woods, MD, MMM

Michael S. Woods MD, MMM, a board certified, fellowship trained surgeon, is a creative, progressive leader with global experience who has helped design, build and implement successful, innovative digital patient safety solutions with a focus on making caregivers' lives simpler and care delivery easier in the complex healthcare environment.

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