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[WHITE PAPER] Best Practices for Implementing Cloud-based Hospital Solutions

11 Apr 2019

There’s little doubt that cloud-based technologies are reducing friction in hospital workflow. Ultimately though, CIOs and healthcare IT professional are the gatekeepers before any new technology touches existing systems. Their concerns can be summed up in one word: Security. And with good reason-- healthcare faces nearly twice as many cyberattacks as other industries and recovery from cyberattacks cost on average $1.4 Million.

Understanding how to safeguard existing systems and what things to consider when seeking to take advantage of new technology is of utmost importance. This white paper seeks to highlight:

  • The benefits and uses of cloud-based technology
  • How to identify companies that are equipped to securely manage your data
  • A list of safety considerations when dealing with external cloud-based companies. 

Prevention is preferable to cure and finding ways to safely and securely implement cloud-based technology in the hospital has never been more important.

Sean Witry

Written by Sean Witry

Sean Witry works as Community Manager and Content Marketer at caresyntax. With a background in international affairs and a focus in public health, he's passionate about exploring technology's role in increasing access to quality care and improving patient outcomes. You can reach him on LinkedIn or via email at

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