Challenges for the Operating Room throughout the Second Wave

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital admissions fell precipitously in the US. In the week of April 11, hospital admissions dropped to as low as 68% of predicted admissions. Some[…]

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How Interoperability Drives Surgical Success

The evolving healthcare industry poses a number of challenges to both big and small hospitals and healthcare organizations. 

One of the major issues the industry faces today is linking together[…]

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Smart Surgery's Best of 2018

2018 has been a big year for us at caresyntax. From the continued expansion of our global operations to the launching of our Smart Surgery Blog, we’ve worked hard to bring you the latest updates in[…]

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5 Key Components of the Integrated OR in 2018

The modern OR is a technological wonder. Surgeons have never had so much real-time information at their disposal: data about current procedures, patient conditions and histories, even risk[…]

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How Multi-Channel Video Recording is Changing the Game

The OR is an incredibly complex mixture of technique and technology. Driven by the exorbitantly rising cost of healthcare and a push towards value-based care, the demand for new, innovative, and[…]

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Why Your EHR is Holding You Back

According to the Office of the National Coordinator, 96% of hospitals own EHR (electronic health record) technology. While their widespread adoption has mitigated many technical challenges associated[…]

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[WHITE PAPER] The Integrated OR and Value-Based Care: Data Applications for Success

Healthcare has long lagged behind other industries in embracing the most current tech developments. Recently, however, broader adoption of Internet of Things technology in healthcare has paved the[…]

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OR Integration Must-Know: 4 Points to Success

The OR is big business.

Today, at the onset of value-based care (VBC) systems worldwide, operating rooms constitute the centerpiece of hospital finance, accounting for over 50% of total revenue.[…]

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[WHITE PAPER]: How Integrated OR Platform Can Help Surgeons Thrive under MACRA

The transition to value-based payments has always been especially challenging for surgeons. The text, video, imaging, and monitoring data they need to work effectively in the OR is typically siloed[…]

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