Smart Surgery

Can real-time data modernize and improve your OR service line?

28 Jan 2022

Surgical procedures are major drivers of hospital revenue, yet they’re also a source of significant costs when complications are taken into consideration. And in an era of sweeping changes in healthcare, hospital ORs face many pressures: 

  • The pandemic has hurt surgical volumes, revenue and staff retention
  • New reimbursement and risk management models are putting the onus on quality and efficiency 
  • Inconsistent resource management and staffing variability hurt revenue
  • Siloed data makes it harder to boost operational performance and improve outcomes
  • A lack of data and insight make it hard to inform pricing and negotiate with payers and medical device manufacturers

Put simply, hospitals can no longer afford the status quo of running ORs without the benefit of ready access to actionable data and best-practice expertise. 

That’s our focus at Caresyntax. We’ve developed an innovative digital surgery platform that offers OR staff a unified, high-fidelity surgical record. They get easy access to real-time information, video and insights from a variety of sources to help them perform challenging tasks and make informed decisions. 

Our platform makes ORs smarter and more efficient, with benefits that include: 

  • Superior risk management and mitigation
  • Enhanced patient safety and outcomes
  • Optimized block scheduling and staffing
  • Insight into supply chain costs, surgical revenue per procedure and other business metrics
  • Streamlined hiring and onboarding of surgical staff
  • Ongoing training 
  • Improved surgical workflows
  • User satisfaction and staff retention

We partner with teams across your organization, including leadership, platform users and IT, to create solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of your hospital OR and ensure successful implementation. And with our proprietary, AI-powered software in use by over 4,000 operating rooms and more than 30,000 surgeons, we leverage insights and proven best practices from our global network of users.

Caresyntax was recently named to CB Insights’ third annual Digital Health 150, which showcases the 150 most promising private digital health companies in the world. In 2021, we won the Healthcare Analytics Innovation Award at the annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Written by Caresyntax

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