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Real-time data can modernize and improve your OR service line

27 Jan 2022

If you’re still running your hospital operating rooms without the benefit of data-driven insights and actionable, real-time information, let us offer you some food for thought.

Surgical procedures are a main source of revenue for hospitals, yet with the high number of post-surgical complications, they’re also a huge contributor to wildly varying costs. In a 2016 paper published in JAMA Surgery, researchers examined cases of complications among seniors who underwent four common operations. They found that Medicare payments for patients who were rescued from perioperative complications at the highest cost-of-rescue hospitals were two to three times higher than the lowest cost-of-rescue hospitals.

With changing reimbursement models and continuing uncertainty from the pandemic, hospitals can’t afford the status quo of running ORs without the benefit of ready access actionable data and best-practice expertise.

That’s exactly what we do here at Caresyntax. Our digital surgery platform offers staff a unified, high-fidelity surgical record, giving them easy access to real-time reports, video and insights to help them perform challenging tasks and make informed decisions. It enables superior risk management and mitigation, plus enhanced patient safety, user satisfaction and patient outcomes, to help your hospital grow market share and make the leap to value-based care.

Caresyntax provides a comprehensive digital surgery platform that provides health systems with the data they need to decrease operational costs and improve profitability for surgical services, while also providing a more complete picture of patient care.

Our platform helps hospitals: 

  • Reduce complications 
  • Standardize quality and processes among frequently reconfigured surgical teams 
  • Retain perioperative nurses 
  • Support surgical education and process improvements
  • Build a profitable surgical service line
  • Support surgical Centers of Excellence

More than 30,000 surgeons use Caresyntax in more than 4,000 operating rooms, and we have a growing list of milestones.

Most recently, we were named to the Digital Health 150 by CB Insights from a pool of more than 11,000 companies based on factors including the strength of our team and business model, patent activity, investor quality, partnerships and CB Insights’ proprietary Mosaic scores, which measure overall health and growth potential of private companies. The award also comes on the heels of our $130 million in Series C funding and winning the Healthcare Analytics Innovation Award at the annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Written by Caresyntax

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