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2019 Forecast: What Does This Year Hold For Healthcare IT?

02 Jan 2019

Welcome 2019! Having looked back at our most read articles from 2018, we thought it important to consider what the year ahead has in store.

Here’s what Smart Surgery forecasts as the next major developments in healthcare:

  • Value-based Care: With the financial pressures on hospitals here to stay, the Smart Surgery staff expect VBC implementation to grow in the year ahead. From better data collection methods to technology to analyze that information, hospitals can expect data-driven results to reshape how hospitals operate.
  • EHR Overhauls: Most hospitals in the US already implement the usage of EHRs to maintain patient records. With the push for more analysis of the vast amounts of information that hospitals gather, working to update systems will be paramount of unlocking the insights that are currently siloed off in EHR systems. 
  • More AI: This year, Smart Surgery wrote extensively about the multiple impacts of AI in the hospital. From improving analysis of medical imaging to advancing predictive medicine, AI has already greatly altered the face of healthcare. We expect this trend to continue in the year ahead, seeing AI go beyond diagnostic tools, but further assist in better engaging patients.
  • Telemedicine: Because of technological advancements that make it easier to communicate with medical teams and patients across the global, we at Smart Surgery expect to see an increase in telemedicine to help increase access to quality medical, regardless of where the doctor or patient is based.  

2018 was also an ambitious year for us at caresyntax. Click here to learn about our own product updates from 2018, and get a glimpse of our 2019 roadmap.

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Written by Caresyntax

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