Solving the OR Scheduling Dilemma with Block Marketplace, Data and AI

Operating Room (OR)management trends showed, even before the pandemic, an increased focus on utilization, waiting time, overtime, and financial performance.1Recent research emphasizes the importance[…]

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Digital OR: Maximum safety and efficiency through networking, big data, and AI

This blog is an excerpt from, “The Digital Operating Theatre: Maximum safety and efficiency through networking, big data, and artificial intelligence,” published in Thieme OP Management up2date, a[…]

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Caresyntax and Intel collaborate to address surgical staffing shortage

Combining capabilities to develop breakthrough technologies for transforming surgery.

Hospitals and Surgery Centers face many challenges in surgery as they work to recover from COVID. Directors of[…]

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Do we need a "digital safety net"​ for surgery?

By Björn von Siemens, contributing author Prof. Eric Vibert, MD, PhD

The operating room is a place where millions of lives are saved and improved each year.

But it is also a place where nightmares[…]

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Can real-time data modernize and improve your OR service line?

Surgical procedures are major drivers of hospital revenue, yet they’re also a source of significant costs when complications are taken into consideration. And in an era of sweeping changes in[…]

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Real-time data can modernize and improve your OR service line

If you’re still running your hospital operating rooms without the benefit of data-driven insights and actionable, real-time information, let us offer you some food for thought.

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A digital safety net for surgeons to minimize surgical errors

In an environment like the operating room, where mistakes have life-threatening consequences, the margin for error is slim. Not learning from or repeating errors is not acceptable. Yet, the same[…]

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How can hospitals improve surgical profitability and variation in outcomes?

During COVID-19, profitable elective surgeries have been delayed and healthcare staff have been overworked. The pandemic has increased the pressure on hospital leaders to maintain profitability and[…]

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Case study: Improving efficiency of surgical video capture

Challenge: Demonstrate the use of CX-ADVANCE to improve efficiency in the workflow of surgical video-based assessment in quality-focused organizations.


The University of Iowa system of[…]

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Harnessing Data Analytics to Bolster Operating Room Efficiency

Q&A with Gail Pietrzyk, Corporate Director of Surgical Services, Universal Health Services

In the operating room where every minute counts, time is the most valuable — and elusive — resource a[…]

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Hospitals that Harnessed Data Analytics with Caresyntax Performed Better During COVID-19

The operating room is like the thermometer of a health care organization’s financial health, a fact that the COVID-19 crisis has only magnified. It accounts for more than half of all hospital[…]

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Safety in the Operating Room: Safety isn’t Expensive, it’s Priceless

It is no secret that the pandemic has dramatically affected hospital and health system financial fortunes. Elective care is down dramatically and perhaps rightly so, at least to some extent.[…]

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